Route: Former Fântânele Chalet – Students’ Route – Păltiniş Resort


Circular trail


Mountain - red circle




20.13 km


6:45 hours


858 m


1002 m

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Former Fântânele Chalet – Students’ Route – Păltiniş Resort

Marking: Red circle on a white background

Full route name: Former Fântânele Chalet - Runcuri Hill - La Pisc - Cheile Cibinului - Students’ Trail - Păltiniş Resort


Hikers start on this route from Păltiniș, through Cheile Cibinului on an access road to the tail end of the Gura Râului accumulation lake, and then climb the hills to the former Fântânele chalet. Along the route, hikers discover the spring of the Cibin River, and the Cheile Cibinului offers a variety of panoramic viewpoints. A few meters from the former Fântânele chalet, a shaded trail leads us to a spring with fresh mountain water.





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Have you prepared your hiking boots? You can only reach the Former Fântânele Chalet on foot, admiring the beauties of nature along the way. Starting from the Sibiel railway stop either continue on the straight road to Sibiel, or choose to go left to Fântânele /Cacova, both villages having routes to the former chalet. You can also climb to the former Fântânele Chalet from Gura Râului and from Orlat. To reach any of the chosen destinations, you will have to travel either by train, by car or by bus, depending on the route offer for your destination. Our advice is to first choose public transport, and when this is not possible, ultimately, the personal car. Having arrived at the destination, follow the markings and the signage on the route, and it will be very easy to find your way. Enjoy your hike! 

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