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At a 3-kilometre distance on the road to Crinț lies a small church built in 1923 in memory of the Romanian soldiers fallen in the First World War. In 1650, many monks took shelter there, chased by the Ottomans, and later they took shelter from the communists. Also, a spring exists there, with healing powers.

According to the legend, God and Saint Peter were roaming the earth in human form when they got hungry and sat down in the place that is now the Foltea Skete, they ate and they became thirsty. As no water was there, God touched a rock and water came from it. And as Saint Peter saw that the water is very good, he asked God to make heavenly manna from that water, so that all may use it. Thus, the spring became heavenly manna, milk and honey, as well as spiritual food, and people found out about it and started arguing about who would be the first to get water, who would take more, giving rise to a quarrel and the healing gift of the water was taken back.

However, the nuns who live in the wilderness at Foltea Skete today, where there is no electricity and no worldly conditions, told of how they recently experienced the benefits of the water’s healing power.





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