Arka Park

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Route: Păltiniș – Fraga – Rășinari
Route: Former Fântânele Chalet – Runcuri Hill – La Pisc – Cheile Cibinului – Students’ Trail – Păltiniş Resort
Route: Păltiniş Resort – Găujoara Clearing – Muncel Forest Range – Onceşti Garden – Cable Car Station – Păltiniş Resort
Route: Păltiniş Resort – Găujoara Clearing – Şaua Bătrâna
Route: Păltiniş Resort – Muncel Forest Range – Bătrâna Mică Clearing – La pahar – Gâtu Berbecului Dam
Route: Şanta – Poiana Lupilor – Onceşti Peak – Păltiniş Cable Car Station

Arka Park offers a unique combination of activities for all ages, offering a delightful option for spending your free time. Visitor can experience unforgettable adventures together with the entire family, with friends, or colleagues. The park provides numerous interesting and challenging elements, and the routes have various difficulty degrees. What makes them special is the fact that while or after covering them, they give you a thrill, without placing you in danger. No prior experience is needed to cope with the routes, just balance, coordination, and desire for adventure and adrenaline.





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