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  • How do I get there

  • Route: Păltiniș – Fraga – Rășinari
  • Route: Former Fântânele Chalet – Runcuri Hill – La Pisc – Cheile Cibinului – Students’ Trail – Păltiniş Resort
  • Route: Păltiniş Resort – Găujoara Clearing – Muncel Forest Range – Onceşti Garden – Cable Car Station – Păltiniş Resort
  • Route: Păltiniş Resort – Găujoara Clearing – Şaua Bătrâna
  • Route: Păltiniş Resort – Muncel Forest Range – Bătrâna Mică Clearing – La pahar – Gâtu Berbecului Dam
  • Route: Şanta – Poiana Lupilor – Onceşti Peak – Păltiniş Cable Car Station

The Arena Platoș skiing and entertainment centre is located in the Poplaca Clearing plateau, 1 km before Păltiniș Resort and at an altitude of 1,400 metres in the Cindrel Mountains. The centre offers winter sports fans five ski slopes equipped with four cable transport installations, snow guns, rental centre, skiing and snowboarding school, après ski bar built according to an Austrian model, camps, and events. What can be more refreshing than hot chocolate after an active day on the ski slope?





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