Monumental wood sculpture park from Poiana Soarelui

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68 large sculptures are waiting for visitors in Poiana Soarelui, in the most valuable non-figurative wood sculpture exhibition in the country, created between 1981 and 1987. At the initiative of the mayor of the time, Toma Lupaș, 10 sculptors participated in each edition of the sculpture camp and they worked on the art pieces for 2 months in the centre of the town; later, they were taken up to the clearing and were placed there.

Poiana Soarelui was given this name because of the community, as they wanted to find an attractive and symbolic name for the site. The location was named, and it is currently known as such in the inhabitants’ collective memory, as “Șanta Crucii”, but when the sculpture camp started, thinking that it would become an attraction and that it would generate the development of tourism, and also seeing that the plateau is very clear and clean, as well as sunny all the time, resembling a clearing, they decided to name it Poiana Soarelui.





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