Freedom outdoors



Get out of the house, go on a hike, try an experience, venture out on an electric mountain bike, taste a piece of an apple pie made by a local producer, bundle up in a meadow and have a picnic, discover the mountains, roam the hills, pick a flower, take a breath of air, take a deep breath, smile, enjoy, be free in the great outdoors.

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We believe in the power of exhausted bodies and quiet minds, in the joy of discovery and rediscovery, in the nostalgia of simple things. It’s time to put your hiking boots on, enjoy the nature, the sun and the wind, friends, emotions and new activities.

Venture into the discovery of the beauties of nature, step by step. Here, some tips for beautiful days.

Adventures with kites

Let yourself be engulfed by the magic of the wind, the free spirit of the nature and the gentleness of the sun’s rays. Choose a kite that you like and let yourself be carried away by it.

The magic of the Făgăraș Mountains

Hit the road, follow the path and explore the most charming lands of Sibiu County, the Făgăraș Mountains. Forget about yourself as you listen to the sound of the waterfall.

Chocolate? Yes, I want some!

Enjoy some chocolate that is inspired by the foothills of the Făgăraș Mountains, in a dream setting. Enjoy the new tastes with flower petals, spices and dried fruits, in a traditional fairy tale barn.


Celebrate traditional days, popular ports, traditions or authentic tastes, in the open. Join amateur and established athletes in a mountain biking or running competition. Dance, smile, have a talk. Take some friends with you: join the events organized in the county of Sibiu.