Route: Ridge of the Făgăraș Mountains


Circular trail


Mountain - red line




43.93 km


17:45 hours


4119 m


2213 m

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Ridge of the Făgăraș Mountains

Marking: Red line on a white background

Full route name: Railway Stop Mărului Valley (Valea Mărului) - Chica Pietrilor Peak - Şaua Surului - Şaua Scării - Şaua Cleopatrei - Negoiu Peak - Şaua Paltinu - Şaua Caprei - Portiţa Arpaşului - Arpaşu Mare Peak - Fereastra Podragului


 A ridge starting from the Olt Valley (Valea Oltului) on a steep trail that runs through numerous orchards up to Plăiețului Peak. The Făgăraș Mountain ridge is the longest mountain ridge in Romania, and this route takes us on some of its highest peaks, Negoiu Peak and Viștea Mare Peak. Along the hike you will discover Călţun glacial lake, and Bâlea Lake, one of the largest glacial lakes in the country. Not far from the trail, passing through the place called Three steps from death, is only possible with advanced mountain experience. 





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 You can walk this route right from the Mărului Valley (Valea Mărului) Railway Stop, but we want now to know that you have a long walk to the base of the mountain, where the experience of the route itself begins. The trains that stop in the Mărului Valley (Valea Mărului) Railway Stop are usually those headed for Olt Valley (Valea Oltului), of Regio type, and their schedule can be found on the website. 

Another option would be to drive your personal car to the base of the route, on Olt Valley (Valea Oltului), after crossing Boița. To reduce the environmental impact, share your car with friends so you can ride as many in as few cars as possible. 

At the base of the route you will find a map with all the information needed for the route. Follow the markings and the signage on the route and it will be very easy to find your way. Enjoy your hike!

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