The greening of trails in Sibiu County continues with the second Scavenger Hike (*cleanup hike)

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The greening campaign launched in August by the Sibiu County Council, as part of the “Years of Hiking” (Anii Drumeției) Programme continues this morning with an action in the Cindrel Mountains, in the area of Păltiniș resort. The aim of this event, which efficiently brings together hiking and ecology, is to raise an alarm regarding the illegal storage of waste, as well as to involve the wide audience, the local communities, as well as hiking enthusiasts, in maintaining cleanliness on mountain routes.

Early in the morning, a group of volunteers started for Păltiniș to collect the garbage from the area of the resort. The volunteers, together with the guide Claudia Popelca and the members of the “Years of Hiking” team will enjoy, at the end of the greening action, a hike in the Cindrel Mountains. The event is a catalyst for an ample public education campaign regarding responsible behaviour and care for the environment.


The Scavenger Hike (*cleanup hike) is a concept mixing usefulness and pleasure, in our case outdoor exercise with a greening action, while learning the basic rules regarding responsible tourism. The first event was held in the Bâlea Waterfall– Bâlea Lake area and it involved 50 volunteers who picked up half a tonne of garbage.

The “Years of Hiking” programme is initiated and funded by Sibiu County Council, in collaboration with the Sibiu County Tourism Association. The main aim is to improve the hiking infrastructure in the county and to promote specific ecotourism activities.

Find out more on and in the Anii Drumeției app, available in App Store and in Play Store.

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