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  • The Ecotourism Gala, to encourage the promotion and fostering of original local initiatives
  • Focused panels – Dialogue on best practices in the area of sustainable tourism

The third edition of the Ecotourism Fair, the first and only event of its kind in Sibiu County, will be held at the end of this month, as part of the “Years of Hiking” programme, initiated and funded by Sibiu County Council. The event will take place on 30 September – 2 October, at Thalia Hall in Sibiu, between 11 AM and 9 PM. It will feature the presentation of the local operators’ offer for the fall and winter seasons in terms of recreational and sports activities, equipment, and related services.

The fair is dedicated to outdoor activities and experiences enthusiasts and to sustainable tourism operators.

„We are fortunate to be one of the most beautiful counties in Romania, with authentic traditions and tastes, along with the hospitality of the locals. These are the natural advantages we wish to promote and to use wisely, for the benefit of all those who choose to know the splendour of nature.

I am extending an invitation to hiking enthusiasts, but not exclusively to them, to come to this fair and to schedule your next “escapes” in our amazing county” Daniela Cîmpean, President of Sibiu County Council.

The autumn edition of the Ecotourism Fair brings novelties in terms of the location of the event, as well as regarding the structure of the program. This time, the event will unfold at the Sibiu Thalia Hall and in Fortress Park. The classical conferences of the first two editions were replaced with discussion panels, having a concentrated format, where the guest speakers will share examples of best practices in the area of sustainable tourism.

As an action prior to the Fair, the organizers are preparing a workshop dedicated to sustainable tourism operators, which will be held on Saturday, 24 September 2022, and which aims to create new tourist offers, through the collaboration between various providers of local experiences. The generated offers will be launched on the last day of the Fair. Another novelty element will be the launch of a new section, the Ecotourism Gala, whereby the organizers aim to promote and foster original local initiatives.

The event will be divided into four sections:

  • exhibition, where the visitors can learn what the offers are and the type of experiences and activities that they can try out this year in Sibiu county;
  • commercial, with outdoor and sports equipment which can be purchased for special prices, along with demonstrative sessions for their use;
  • discussion panel, where the specialists in the field will share examples of best practices for sustainable tourism, healthy recommendations and useful information on the adequate conduct in the mountains.
  • outdoor activities for children and local experiences for the entire family.

Over the three days of the fair, the visitors are invited to enjoy traditional crafts workshops, product tastings, yoga sessions, biking tours, and many other surprises; the complete schedule will be available soon.

„The Ecotourism Fair aims to bring together local operators and specialists from the area of ecotourism, with the intention of drawing them close to the public that is eager for opportunities to spend their time outdoors, in Sibiu County. With this edition, we will promote the sustainable local initiatives and the offer of ecotourism services from the entire county.” Sergiu Olteanu – Coordinator of the “Years of Hiking” Programme)

The Ecotourism Fair is an event organized as part of the “Years of Hiking” programme, initiated and funded by Sibiu County Council, in collaboration with the Sibiu County Tourism Association. Its main purpose is to improve the county’s hiking infrastructure and to promote ecotourism-specific activities.

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