Fortress of Cisnădioara

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Route: Cisnădioara – Măgura Peak – Poiana Trandafirilor (Clearing of Roses – Rosengarten) – Prislop Hamlet – Răşinari

Route: Cisnădioara – Argintului Valley (Valea Argintului) – Poiana Trandafirilor (Rosengarten)

The fortress of Cisnădioara, probably built in 1223, reminds us today of the Roman construction period in Transylvania. The building illustrates particularly beautiful rock sculptures, and its interior hosts a memorial dedicated to those fallen in the First World War. The two towers of the basilica were never completed. According to legends, before getting married, the men of Cisnădioara had to push a large rock up to the fortified church. The rocks that were thus assembled would be rolled over the enemies, in case of an attack. Part of this tradition is still observed today. Many young men still toil on their wedding day to push giant boulders into the fortress in order to redeem their bride stolen from the wedding.





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