Route: Poiana Neamţului Chalet – Cabana Bârcaciu – under Scara peak


Circular trail


Mountain - red cross




24.61 km


8:25 hours


1835 m


49 m

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Poiana Neamţului Chalet – Cabana Bârcaciu – under Scara peak

Marking: Red cross on a white background

Full route name:  Avrig Railway Station – Avrig Big Valley (Valea Mare a Avrigului) - Poiana Neamţului Chalet - Bârcaciu Chalet - under Scara peak


A route of medium difficulty, with an altitude difference of 850 metres, and a steady climb from Poiana Neamţului up to the Bârcaciu Chalet. The route follows a forest road, through coniferous forests, with wide views over the Olt river. Bârcaciu cottage is a perfect stop point along the route, and once there you must definitely taste the traditional spruce tip syrup of the place. 





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You can reach the Avrig railway station by train, on the Sibiu – Făgăraș – Brașov route. At this station, all types of train will stop, the journey takes about 60 minutes, and the schedule can be seen on the website. 

To get to Avrig, you can also choose a 50-minute bus ride. The schedule can be found on the autogă website.

From the Avrig railway station you will walk for a while, about 2 hours, to the Poiana Neamțului Chalet, where the route itself begins, at the base of the mountain.

The shorter version of this route is to go directly to the Poiana Neamțului Chalet by personal car. However, in order to have a minimum impact on the environment and the lowest pollution level, we recommend you to gather in groups, in the smallest number of cars possible. 

At the base of the route you will find a map with all the information needed for the route. Follow the markings and the signage on the route and it will be very easy to find your way. Enjoy your hike!