Route: Podul Jibrii – Suru Chalet – Șaua Apa Cumpănită


Linear trail


Mountain - blue triangle




13.66 km


5:10 hours


1387 m


153 m

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Podul Jibrii – Suru Chalet – Șaua Apa Cumpănită

Marcaj triunghi albastru pe fond alb:  Bifurcaţia de la Podul Jibrii - Valea Moaşa Avrigului - Izvorul Florii - Culmea Moaşei - Refugiul Suru - Fruntea Moaşei - Şaua Apa Cumpănită

Marking: Blue triangle on a white background

Full route name:  Crossroad from Podul Jibrii – Moașa Avrigului Valley (Valea Moaşa Avrigului) – Izvorul Florii – Culmea Moaşei – Suru Refuge – Fruntea Moaşei – Şaua Apa Cumpănită

A difficult route connecting to the main crest at an altitude of 1056 m, near Moașa Peak. The climb follows Culmea Moaşei, it passes by the Suru Chalet and the Mountain Rescuer’s Monument. In winter, the last segment on the way to the crest is accessible only with specific equipment, which makes the route accessible only to hikers with some mountain experience.





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The only way to get to Avrig Valley (Valea Avrigului) is by using the personal car. The trip takes around one hour and you can enjoy the cool of the forests. However, in order to have a minimum impact on the environment and the lowest pollution level, we recommend you to gather in groups, in the smallest number of cars possible. At the base of the route you will find a map with all the information needed for the route. Follow the markings and the signage on the route and it will be very easy to find your way. Enjoy your hike!

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