Greening of Bâlea hiking routes on the first edition of the Scavenger Hike (*cleanup hike)

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The first edition of the hiking route greening campaign launched within the “Years of Hiking” Programme started a few days ago, at Bâlea. A group of volunteers, consisting of mountain enthusiasts, county and local authorities, and private operators collaborated to clean the garbage from the Bâlea area: Bâlea Waterfall, the parking places above the waterfall, and Bâlea Lake. The event then continued with a guided hike and picnic on Șaua Caprei, from the Făgăraș Mountains.

The Scavenger Hike (*cleanup hike) is a concept mixing usefulness with pleasure, in our case outdoor exercise with a greening action. The first event brought together 50 people, including volunteers, representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency and of the County Public Service Mountain Rescue.

The 50 volunteers managed to collect 50 tonnes of wastes, which were later taken over by the event partner, the company Soma.


With our actions, we aim to bring people closer to nature and to spread the care and respect for the environment, and this is where we need your help. The areas visited by tourists are usually the most problematic in terms of wastes. Let us join forces and herald the 5 rules of responsible waste management behaviour when we go outdoors” says Sergiu Olteanu, coordinator of the “Years of Hiking” Programme.

The five rules of responsible waste management behaviour, as laid down by the Years of Hiking and the specialists from Flora & Fauna International, are the following:

1. Always carry a bag to collect your own trash (leftovers, packaging, napkins etc.). Make sure you throw the bag in places intended for this purpose.
2. Leave nothing behind – not even biodegradable products (leftover fruit, vegetables etc.), as they attract the wild animals.
3. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, but rather in a portable ashtray or in a little bag, which we will then throw in the trash can.
4. Do not feed wild animals.
5. The most diligent hikers will use the bag under point 1 to collect the waste they find when they go outdoors.

Each one of us is responsible for the environment and it is only together that we can keep it clean.

The “Years of Hiking” representatives are sounding an alarm on the illegal storage of wastes, whether or not they are biodegradable, as well as on their negative impact on the environment and on the wild animals.

They advise people to throw the packaging, the leftover food and cigarettes only in places intended for this purpose and, where applicable, they should always have available a garbage bag to collect the wastes, especially when they go outdoors.

The Scavenger Hike (*cleanup hike) is a concept under the “Years of Hiking” brand for greening trails, having an educational and recreational character. The next event will be held on 23 September, in Păltiniș. To sign up, follow the Anii Drumeției social media pages.

The “Years of Hiking” programme is initiated and funded by Sibiu County Council, in collaboration with the Sibiu County Tourism Association.

The main aim is to improve the hiking infrastructure in the county and to promote specific ecotourism activities.

So far, they have restored all hiking routes from the Cindrel Massif (21 routes, a total of 213 km) and, in parallel, interventions were made on route segments from the Făgăraș Mountains, approximately 60 km. In the coming period, route development works are continued in the Făgăraș Massif (23 routes), approximately 200 km.

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