Route: Porumbacu de Sus – Negoiu Chalet – Şaua Cleopatrei


Circular trail


Mountain - blue triangle




19.42 km


7:15 hours


1890 m


7 m

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Porumbacu de Sus – Negoiu Chalet – Şaua Cleopatrei

Marking: Blue triangle on a white background

Full route name: Porumbacu de Jos Railway Station - Porumbacu de Sus – Porumbacu Big Valley (Valea Mare a Porumbacului) - Negoiu Chalet - Căldarea Sărăţii - Şaua Cleopatrei


Starting from Porumbacu, the route leads hikers to the main ridge along a forest road, toward Negoiu Chalet. From the altitude of more than 1,546 meters, where the chalet is located, hikers will cross nine small bridges and, upon exiting the forest at an altitude of 1,730 metres, they will find the large stone block called Piatra Caprei and the place where the Southern and Eastern Sărății streams are joined together. Surrounded by waterfalls, the road from Negoiu Chalet to Piatra Caprei was built specifically for tourism and it was named Cărarea Zmeilor (the Dragons’ Path). Following the path along the saddle, from Piatra Prînzulu, over the boulders and through large stone slabs with strange shapes, hikers will reach Acul Cleopatrei, and then, in a few minutes, the ridge in the small saddle of Cleopatra at 2355 m, west of the Negoiu Peak.





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You can reach the Porumbacu de Jos railway station by Regio train on the Sibiu – Brașov route, and their schedule can be checked out on the website. You can also get here by bus, following a one-hour route, and the bus schedule can be checked out on the autogă website. However, you will have to go a long way to the bottom of the route.

 If you choose to take your personal car to the base of the route, you will shorten your hiking time, but you must be prepared to face an undeveloped dirt road that will be difficult to travel with low cars. 

At the base of the route you will find a map with all the information needed for the route. Follow the markings and the signage on the route and it will be very easy to find your way. Enjoy your hike! 

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