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The pension, characterized by the tagline “small but chic” is a nook of nature and greenery, where, once again, you will find the traditional life of the Transylvanian village. All 10 rooms, each of them customized, are intended to bring back to memory the flavour of your childhood spent at your grandparents’ house some time ago. The terrace, along with the dining room, decorated with old objects, will delight you with their diversity and beauty, leaving you with the feeling that you have stepped into a fairytale land, of which you once dreamt as children. The garden, filled with greenery, flowers, and vegetable, is a genuine oasis of peace and relaxation. The joy of spending special times in the midst of nature is unequalled. Traditional Transylvanian food is a delight for all tastes, as its simplicity and natural flavours are appreciated by our guests. A significant part of the foods are home-made, a regale for those who taste them.

Access: by car, pedestrian, by bike, mountain-bike.





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