The Feast of Tuberoses

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6 August 2022

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The Feast of Tuberoses

The commune of Hoghilag from Sibiu County became famous as a land of the tuberoses. The Feast of Tuberoses, which is held every year at the start of August, became a landmark event for this area.

Since 2017, artistic, gastronomical, and cultural activities are performed in the yard of the Evangelical Church from the centre of the village, and guided tours are organized in the tuberose gardens. Tuberoses are flowers which are currently intensely grown in Hoghilag, given the existence of favourable conditions for their development, and they have become a local tradition and an emblem of the local community, which has been developing year after year through the beauty and scent of these flowers.

Organizers: Hoghilag Commune Town Hall

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