20 July 2024

Wild Tastes: Foraging and Cooking at Cabana Suru

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Sebeșu de Sus - Sebeșu de Sus
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Dear Hikers,

Do you want to reconnect with nature and discover its well-hidden secrets? We invite you to participate in an unforgettable weekend event at Cabana Suru, located in the heart of the Făgăraș Mountains. This unique experience will guide you on a captivating journey of foraging and cooking amidst spectacular landscapes and fresh mountain air.

Don’t miss this opportunity to disconnect from the daily hustle and enjoy the beauty and natural resources of the Făgăraș Mountains. Sign up now for a memorable experience at Cabana Suru!


July 20, 2024, 9:00 AM, Near Pensiunea la Cascadă, Valea Moasei Street No. 338, Sebeșu de Sus (where the village ends)
There is an option to park cars in the area.


Trail difficulty: Medium;
Distance: 8.5 km
Elevation gain: 1011 m;
Total hiking duration: 2-4 hours
Recommended minimum age for participation: 18 years

Day 1: Discovering Nature and From Nature to Plate
Morning: We set off on a guided foraging trip with Dr. Biologist Miruna Popa, where we will learn to identify and collect wild plants, mushrooms, and other edible natural resources. Our expert guide will share valuable knowledge about the local flora/mycota and its benefits.

Afternoon: Arrival at Cabana Suru and accommodation of participants. Under the guidance of a passionate chef, we will learn to prepare delicious dishes using freshly gathered ingredients. You will discover traditional recipes and cooking techniques adapted to wild ingredients.

Evening: A relaxing dinner and socializing around the campfire. We will discuss the day’s discoveries and enjoy the prepared dishes together, savoring the authentic tastes of nature.

Day 2: Return
Morning: After breakfast, we will continue the foraging activity in areas not explored the previous day and return to the cars. We conclude the event with a feedback session and discussions about the experience.


Reconnection with nature and learning foraging techniques.
Development of skills in identifying edible plants and mushrooms.
The unique experience of cooking with fresh ingredients you gathered yourself.
Socializing and exchanging experiences with other nature and gastronomy enthusiasts.


Hiking boots, raincoat, mountain backpack with necessary equipment.
Water bottle; Snacks.
Optional: trekking poles and wicker basket.


500 lei/person
The ticket price includes accommodation, food, non-alcoholic drinks, a mountain guide, biologist for the foraging experience.


Miruna Popa – Dr. Biologist
Dana Băncioiu – Mountain Guide
Contact: 0763 368 424


– The route configuration and length will be adjusted according to weather conditions and the homogeneity/heterogeneity of the group.
– The organizer (guide) reserves the right to refuse participants who are not appropriately equipped or who have inadequate physical condition.
– Tours are conducted under safe conditions and with a minimum number of participants. The organizer reserves the right to reschedule or cancel tours without prior notice if these conditions are not met.
– Ticket refunds are only provided in case the organizer (guide) cancels the hike.

By participating in this event, I consent to being photographed. I acknowledge that the photos may be used for promotional purposes, both online and in printed materials, within the “Anii Drumeției” Program to promote it. I declare under my own responsibility that, to the best of my knowledge, I am physically capable of sustained physical effort during hiking events without jeopardizing my health in any way. My participation in this event is entirely voluntary, understanding the associated risks to which I expose myself.
The “Anii Drumeției” Program is initiated and funded by the Sibiu County Council in collaboration with the Sibiu County Tourism Association. Its main purpose is to improve hiking infrastructure in the county and promote activities specific to ecotourism.

The date of the hike

20 July 2024

Starting point

Near Pensiunea la Cascadă, 338 Valea Moasei Street, Sebeșu de Sus

Departure time


Duration of the hike

4 ore



Cost / person

500 lei